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Taxi Rank - Los Abrigos

6 minutes by taxi to 11 Holiday Homes

To know if a taxi is free, check if the green light is on and the "libre" sign is hanging on the car's windshield.

In the strange case that there are no taxis at the stop, you can call the following number to ask for one:

Call +34922397475 and ask a taxi for Los Abrigos taxi rank. Usually they speak english, anyway here you can ask in spanish :))

"Por favor, ¿ puede enviar un taxi a la parada de la rotonda de Los Abrigos ?"

Remember that each municipality has its own taxi service.
​Here we leave the main taxi numbers of the south area.

Granadilla De Abona
(Los Abrigos, El Médano...)

Central Radio Taxi > 922 397 475

San Miguel de Abona
(Golf del Sur, Las Chafiras...)

Tele Taxi > 922 747 511 

(Las Américas, La caleta de Adeje...)

Radio Taxi  Reservas > 922 979 293

(Los Cristianos, Las Galletas...)

Servi Taxi Tenesur > 922 747 511