In the sticker above the modem you will find the name of the network and the password. The modem is close to the TV.

To open the safe follow these simple steps:

1. Press ON;
2. Enter the code that we have provided you in the check-in sheet;
3. Press ENTER;
4. Open with the key.

To close the safe simply close with the key.

WATER (general closure)
You will find the water stopcock under the sink. In case of flooding, notify our staff or call us.

(Only if you are a guest of 11 Holiday Homes)
In case the fire alarm goes on, please stay calm, leave the house and check if it is NOT a false alarm. Then warn the staff or turn off the siren yourself using the small key of the key ring.
In case of real fire, first call 112 and contact us immediately afterwards.

Look for the electrical panel behind the wooden panel and raise the differentials.

In order to turn on the fan, make sure that the wall switch is on.
Use the knob to regulate the air intensity.